pick the right makeup colours for normal and black skin

One of the biggest problems black women have with their makeup is having their skin appear too ashy. Here’s a couple of reasons why this could be:
Someone who has red undertones in their skin is wearing a makeup with yellow in it. This combination will make your skin appear ashy.
Another reason you may look ashy is because you’re applying too much powder. Powder is usually sold with a sponge, but those should only be used for touch ups, not the initial application. When you apply powder with a sponge, you’re going to apply way too much powder, and it’s going to end up looking like an ashy mask. It’s best to use a face brush and sweep on your powder. Let the foundation you put on underneath do all the work of covering up imperfections. Don’t do it with your powder, as you run the risk of putting on too much.
Another big problem with black makeup is having the makeup turn darker as the day goes on. Here’s a couple of reasons why that could be happening,If you have yellow undertones in your skin and you’re wearing a makeup with too much red undertones, your skin will appear darker than you are.When the oils in our skin mix with foundation or powder, the makeup becomes darker throughout the day. So, if you know your skin is very oily, try a foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin to help balance this out. You might look a bit lighter than usual for the first hour it’s on, but as the day goes on, it’ll even out. As well, if your skin is oily, don’t keep adding more powder to your face to get rid of the shine. All you’re doing is making a mask of makeup, and the makeup will just get darker and darker. Try buying a blot powder, which doesn’t add any more colour or makeup to your face. They’re just formulated to get rid of shine. It’s a much better If you’re still looking a bit flat, with no warmth to your face, it could be because you’re not wearing any blush. Blush is another way to add warmth to black skin.
We have two choices. We can go with dark colors like burnt orange-y browns or dark berries and plums. Or if you’re darker-skinned like me, go with very bright colors like powerful pinks and bold oranges.Because they’re so bold, they’re the colours that will show up on our colouring and give the skin life! The key is to build the colour and don’t just slap it on. Don’t fight the bright…it works!
As for lips, almost the same rules applies. Obviously, darker skin tones don’t look great in pale, light lipsticks. Deeper tones are always a safe bet (like wines, deep reds, browns and plums)